2020 didn’t go as planned? Read this.

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Remember January 1, 2020? It seems like a lifetime ago.

A new decade.

A new beginning

Time for a fresh start.  

We were happy to put the previous decade behind us because let’s face it: 2020 sucked.  

So, we faced the new year armed with bold goals. We had a renewed energy and determination that this was our time to create a great future.  

We heard rumors about a new virus in a place called Wuhan somewhere in China…something about people eating bats from a wet market (by the way, how it all started is still inconclusive).

Fast forward a year.

Spend a moment reflecting on how the world and your life has changed.  

Did your well-intentioned goals survive when confronted with a global pandemic?  

It’s hard to go to the gym 20 times per month when the gyms are closed.  

It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re living on DoorDash and Uber Eats.  

It’s hard to build financial security when you’ve spent your savings due to unimagined unemployment.  

Perhaps the greatest benefit of 2020? 

We collectively as a society learned systems thinking.  We learned the simple rules of wearing masks and everybody knows about social distancing.  These new behaviors, which at first seemed so foreign, have become habits we practice without thinking.  Our impulse to reach out to shake somebody’s hand has been erased from our brains to be replaced by the elbow tap or virtual fist bump.  

A system is defined by what it does: we live it every day. 

Without stress.

Without unnecessary decisions.

Most importantly: without goals.

As we enter 2021, we have hope for a post-Covid world, but our most difficult days still lie ahead.  

Will you skip your New Year's resolutions or dust off your 2020 goals and hope for a better result?  How will you use what you learned this year to design a system for your life? 

Let us know in the comments: What’s one step you plan to take?

In our next post, we’ll share how we can take what we learned in 2020 and make our 2021 goals pandemic proof.

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