Human Centered Reliability is an education and consulting company with leading capabilities in performance improvement, high reliability organizations and personal development.

Combining specialized skills in strategy, consulting, leadership, diversity and operations, we offer the only certifications available in Human Centered Reliability, High Reliability Organizations and Pathway to Personal Mastery. With both corporate and individual programs, we aim to implement a system of thinking and acting that optimizes personal and professional performance.

Meet the founders


Bryan Collins

A senior professional with a strong record of results in diverse industries, Bryan is a strategic and analytical thinker who is passionate about ideas, models, and design of systems and processes.

Joe Duhig

An accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years of success across healthcare, technology, financial services, manufacturing and information technology industries, Joe specializes in leading large, complex change initiatives.

Mary Grace Gardner

With a focus on performance improvement, growth mindset and entrepreneurship, Mary Grace has spent a decade in healthcare leading multiple company-wide transformations to improve quality, service and affordability.

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